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At Aqua Analytics, we assist water infrastructure owners with some of their greatest challenges to ensure safe, clean and reliable services can be provided for future decades.

Early Acceptance Of Innovation Started in 1990s

Our legacy is water loss management and active leak detection dating back to the 1990s under the Aqua Environmental business. We were the first service provider to own a leak noise correlator anywhere in Australia or New Zealand – demonstrating we knew the impact technology could have on managing buried water network assets. Through training, networking with international practitioners, and trial, we developed a strong set of procedures and systems that ensured success for our municipal customers.

Through the early and mid-2000s, we were responsible for delivering long-term active leak detection and water leakage reduction projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Auckland. We’ve helped water utilities reduce their non-revenue water from Bondi to Bunbury, Surry Hills to St Kilda, Glenelg to Goondiwindi. During periods of prolonged drought, the emphasis on water demand management and water loss management efforts are heightened leading to greater scrutiny by stakeholders.

At Aqua Analytics, we have a deep understanding of smart water technologies and digital platforms and how their consolidation and rapid deployment can contribute meaningfully to the liveability of our cities and towns. Our understanding extends to communication solutions, including the emergence of 5G on its impact on municipal water, and how when coupled with expert field teams water authorities can realise significant improvements to their key objectives. The emergence of edge computing the ability to gain more rapid insights without reliance on cloud solutions is a key aspect we see providing significant benefit to utilities in future decades.


Hugh J. Chapman enters the water industry as a self-employed plumber, and over the next two decades develops an interest in the use of technologies to locate buried assets and leaks in residential, commercial and municipal water supply networks.


Shortly after the Sydney Olympics, Aqua Environmental is awarded a contract in the first package of Sydney Water’s Active Leak Detection Programme, which is the commencement of large-scale and structured water loss projects in Australia.


During the Millennium Drought, Aqua Environmental had offices in three major cities, helping reduce non-revenue water for some of the regions largest public water authorities.


In 2010, Aqua Environmental was acquired by an international company that developed world-leading pipeline inspection technologies for large diameter and critical pipelines.


Following the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, we mobilised a team for two years to assist in getting water leakage back to pre-quake levels in and around the city.


Following 10 years in leadership position at leading global water technology companies, Hugh T. Chapman starts Aqua Analytics to assist water infrastructure owners with some of their greatest challenges to ensure safe, clean and reliable services can be provided for future decades.

We operate in...

Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and throughout Asia. We have project offices across the region and have the ability to rapidly mobilise for short and long-term projects.

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Aqua Analytics supports utilities with operational success in the areas of water loss management, active leakage control and all aspects of technology-driven smart water projects.

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Trusted by leading water utilities.

For over two decades, our team has been trusted by the regions leading water utilities to deliver results.

Aqua Analytics were easy to communicate with, very responsive and delivered the project with an outstanding level of professionalism. Great company, would use again!

The Aqua Analytics’ team was able to quickly mobilise and assist us with our water loss problem. They found a major leak which immediately reduced our baseline.

Aqua Analytics has seamlessly delivered our project since we have a single contact for pressure transient device procurement, installation and ongoing device maintenance.

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