What locations can Aqua Analytics service?

We have employees and offices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We can service projects in all locations. Short-term projects may be completed by employees in other locations, but all long-term projects see us establish a full-time presence in the project location.

What technologies do you use on your projects?

To assist with our client's water network challenges, we deploy a range of technologies, solutions and expertise. Our first step is to look at the problem the client is trying to overcome and then craft a solution that will achieve improvements. The technologies we deploy we have used tested, piloted or used extensively and we trust them in delivering results for our clients.

How do we commence and engagement with Aqua Analytics?

The first step is to organise a no-obligation discussion with us and to provide a problem statement or specification. We can then develop a project plan and budget estimate to address and solve the problem. We are open to discussing innovative procurement models including pay-for-performance, rental, lease, fully-managed, low/no CAPEX and performance-based compensation.

Do you have health and safety, quality and environmental management system certification?

Yes. We hold current certification and see these integrated management systems as a critical part of our business.

Do you undertake residential work?

No, we don't. We are focused on commercial, industrial and municipal customers. We can refer you to a local provider for residential services if required.

We have a high level of water loss in our network but we don't know where to start. Can you help us establish a project?

Yes. We often help our client's early on in project or programme development. This can be scoping out the work, providing cost estimates for all works, developing budget papers, assisting with business cases, developing technical specifications or assisting in procurement procedures. Our involvement can be very narrow, or very wide, depending on your requirements and scope.

Our project is only small and in a remote location. How do you deliver projects in such instances?

We regularly complete projects in remote parts of Australia and are used to the challenges that come with these environments. We have teams and equipment that are mobile and ready to deploy with limited notice. We have strong logistics and travel providers who assist with our project delivery to ensure our resources arrive in a cost-effective manner.

We have a leak in a new pipeline that is failing a hydrostatic test. Can you help us?

Yes, we can. We have vast experience in helping pipeline contractors pass commissioning tests when pipelines are failing hydrostatic tests. Please contact us to discuss further as each application requires a slightly different approach to ensure all leaks are located.

Need help with your water network?

Aqua Analytics supports utilities with operational success in the areas of water loss management, active leakage control and all aspects of technology-driven smart water projects.

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Trusted by leading water utilities.

For over two decades, our team has been trusted by the regions leading water utilities to deliver results.

Aqua Analytics were easy to communicate with, very responsive and delivered the project with an outstanding level of professionalism. Great company, would use again!

The Aqua Analytics’ team was able to quickly mobilise and assist us with our water loss problem. They found a major leak which immediately reduced our baseline.

Aqua Analytics has seamlessly delivered our project since we have a single contact for pressure transient device procurement, installation and ongoing device maintenance.

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