GoAigua - Smart Water Platform

The GoAigua smart water platform is trusted by over 400 water utilities globally. It transforms water utilities into smarter, more proactive, more resilient entities by consolidating their vast siloed data into a modular platform and applying specific use case analytics to solve key water network challenges. GoAigua enables water utilities to embark on digital transformation and smart water network projects in an easier and more cost effective manner by using a modular smart water platform that can address a range of challenge within the water cycle. Aqua Analytics is the representative for GoAigua in Australia and New Zealand.

GoAigua unifies all digital components of the water utility infrastructure – SCADA, GIS, ERP, Smart Metering, CMMS, IoT Sensors – into a single smart water platform. Using advanced AI/ML algorithms developed over the last decade, GoAigua improves operations, maintenance, asset management, customer experience, and adaptability.

Centralised intelligent management enables real-time sense and response – prioritising the most important activities.

GoAigua Smart Water Platform can help with:

  • Reducing Non-Revenue Water
  • Reducing Costs
  • Optimising Asset Life
  • Detecting Network Leakage
  • Improving Capital Planning
  • Reacting to Extreme Events
  • Energy Efficiency

Smart Water Platform with Proven Results

40 %

Reduction in Non-Revenue Water

20 %

Improvement in O&M efficiency

60 %

Improvement in Customer Experience

2000 tonnes

Reduction in CO2

Modular, scalable and technology-independent solutions

Vendor Agnostic

All data sources are processed, regardless of suppliers or technologies


GoAigua solutions can be activated or deactivated according to the use cases required


Two-way communication with other platforms and solutions (North/South Bound Interface)


Easy integration of new elements. Stable performance when newly proc


Encryption of sensitive data and robust cybersecurity protocols for critical infrastructure


Single data model relating all utility’s assets with their attributes

Architecture and distribution models

The GoAigua architecture is divided into three main layers, which contain different components.

  1. Business Applications
    • Holistic view of the entire system from a single management point
    • Cross-functional use cases and analytics
    • Based on micro-services
    • Northbound interface via APIs
  2. Smart Water Engine
    • Single data model
    • Advanced AI algorithms
  3. Data Collection and Integration
    • Works with any vendor technology and communication protocols
    • Easy integration with third-party data and platforms

Will GoAigua help my water utility in Australia or New Zealand?

Water utilities are aware of the impact that digital solutions can have in their operations. Aqua Analytics can assist with all aspects of a IoT device procurement, installation and consolidation within a smart water platform. Firstly, we will look to analyse your digital transformation needs, understand how the GoAigua smart water platform can improve operational efficiency and  then work with you to identify the right modules to solve your problems.

Using GoAigua, we help you build smart decision support systems that provide a holistic view of the water cycle in real time to help you operate your water network in a smarter more predictive manner. Bring innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to your water network operation today. Please contact us to discuss further or to arrange a free demonstration.