IoT Device Water Network Monitoring

Real-Time IoT Monitoring of water supply networks and pipelines enabled intelligent, technology-driven monitoring systems to provide asset owners with improved asset management data. Aqua Analytics are the experts in utilising state-of-the-art smart IoT technology to provide tailored water asset management solutions for water networks across Australia and New Zealand.

With our real-time IoT water network monitoring solutions, you will receive real-time insight across aspects of your water distribution networks, from water quality, acoustic leak detection, pressure transient monitoring and notifications of burst water mains. Improve the operation of your water network and reduce unexpected disruptions by relying on effective and efficient remote IoT monitoring solutions from Aqua Analytics.

Why Choose Aqua Analytics for Pipeline Monitoring?

At Aqua Analytics, we are committed to reducing water loss, improving asset intelligence, and minimising the risk of pipeline failures. We aim to improve the accuracy and availability of data to improve the decision-making process on water projects. We have been developing intelligent water management solutions across the Asia Pacific region over the last 20 years. Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to leverage the affordances presented by improvements in sensors and networked technology to improve the efficiency of water systems. This includes a deep knowledge of smart water devices, IoT platforms, Smart Water Platforms and communication solutions to ensure you get data when you need it.

Our approach to pipeline monitoring uses the latest technology and delivers tangible results with actionable insights. Each day, our team is trusted by the region’s largest water utilities who are responsible for the safe supply of drinking water to millions of people.

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Years Experience

In helping water utilities throughout Australia and New Zealand better manage their water networks with technology.


Our team has completed over 150,000 km of active water main leak detection throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Smart Water Network IoT Devices

Real-time IoT monitoring of water networks, such as pressure transient monitoring, provides critical intelligence on asset health and network operations enabling operators to make timely interventions that minimise customer impact, cost, or environmental damage. Connecting smart sensors and Internet-of-Things (IoT) network devices to water networks is becoming more accepted and will only accelerate as we move into a world with 5G.

Aqua Analytics’ turn-key approach allows water utilities to implement real-time water network monitoring projects with less risk and trouble. Many water utilities are embracing smart sensor and analytics innovation to improve how they operate their water and wastewater networks — often with a key focus on their customer; minimising interruptions and improving situational awareness. By obtaining real-time monitoring insights about the performance of buried water networks, operators can shift to a more proactive, predictive and preventative approach to water network management which contributes towards the liveability of our cities and towns.

What can real-time monitoring help with in water and wastewater networks?
  • Near Real-Time Leak Detection– using acoustic technologies allows utilities to monitor for the unique acoustic signature exhibited by water escaping pressurised pipelines, thereby reducing the potential for leaks to grow into more catastrophic water main bursts. Also, the timely identification of leaks allows early intervention that can contribute to lower levels of non-revenue water in the system.
  • Burst Water Mains– deploying high-speed pressure transient monitoring devices allows us to detect water main bursts in real-time and alert customers within minutes of the occurrence. Real-time notification reduces the damage caused by the escape of significant volumes of water and the subsequent service disruption consequences for local water users.
  • Pressure Transient Monitoring– it is also common for pressure transients to be created in the network by third parties (for example, large commercial or industrial users) or network operations (for example, pumps or valve closures). Identifying these damaging pressure transients, sometimes called ‘water hammer’, allows a water utility to identify and mitigate the source of the transient event, thereby reducing the likelihood of a significant water main failure and contribute to extending its lifespan, particularly when coupled with a proactive pipeline condition assessment.
  • Water Quality Monitoring– unprecedented insights into water quality dynamics can be obtained in your water distribution network by deploying smart water quality monitoring devices. These multi-parameter devices can collect data on Free Chlorine (mg/L), pH, Electrical Conductivity (μS/cm), water temperature, Total Organic Carbon (mg/L) and water pressure.

If you want to explore real-time water monitoring with smart IoT devices and make improvements against operational objectives, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are happy to discuss options for the supply, installation, rental, maintenance or ongoing fully-managed services for IoT water technology devices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Not only are we experts in real-time monitoring, but the Aqua Analytics technicians are also passionate about providing the best results for our clients. Aqua Analytics will be there every step of the way, for your water monitoring project.

At the start of every project, we work with our clients to identify the goals they are working towards and develop an effective framework to achieve these goals. We source equipment or devices and develop technical specifications that help utilities meet their project objectives. We also cover the installation and maintenance of real-time monitoring devices and provide oversight of your project with our 24/7 control room. Our full-service offering uses industry best practices and cutting-edge technology to provide you with accurate and easy to manage analytics to inform asset and water pipeline management.

With offices across Australia, in New Zealand and Singapore, we provide domestic and international services for your water network management needs. If you are unsure whether we can reach you, get in contact with our friendly team, and we’ll let you know whether we can help.

Not only do we provide real-time water network monitoring with IoT technologies, but Aqua Analytics have also pioneered smart water management solutions with a focus on water loss management, pipe condition assessment and active leak detection. We utilise various technology-driven methods and solutions to provide our clients with intelligent, intuitive, and practical strategies to manage their buried pipeline assets.

Of course. We appreciate being engaged early by clients and can hold workshops, ideation sessions and develop small-scale Proof of Concept (PoC) pilots to demonstrate the value to all stakeholders. Please contact us to discuss this further.

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For over two decades, our team has been trusted by the regions leading water utilities to deliver results.

Aqua Analytics were easy to communicate with, very responsive and delivered the project with an outstanding level of professionalism. Great company, would use again!

The Aqua Analytics’ team was able to quickly mobilise and assist us with our water loss problem. They found a major leak which immediately reduced our baseline.

Aqua Analytics has seamlessly delivered our project since we have a single contact for pressure transient device procurement, installation and ongoing device maintenance.

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