Real-Time Pipeline Monitoring

Real-time pipeline monitoring, such as pressure transient monitoring, provides critical intelligence on asset health and water network operation enabling operators to make timely interventions that minimise customer impact, cost or environmental damage. Connecting smart sensors and Internet-of-Things (IoT) network devices to water networks is becoming more accepted, and Aqua Analytics’ turn-key approach allows water utilities to implement real-time water network monitoring projects with less risk.

Many water utilities are embracing smart sensor and analytics innovation to improve how they operate their water networks. By obtaining real-time pipeline monitoring insights about the performance of buried water networks, with sensors that monitor flow, pressure and water quality, and acoustic leak detection, a more proactive approach to water network management can be obtained.

What problems can real time pipeline monitoring help with?

  • Leakage Detection – using acoustic technologies allows utilities to monitor for the unique acoustic signature exhibited by water escaping pressurised pipelines thereby reducing the potential for leaks to grow into more catastrophic water main bursts. Also, the timely identification of leaks allows early intervention that can contribute to lower levels of non-revenue water in the system.
  • Burst Water Mains – deploying high-speed pressure transient monitoring devices allows us to detect water main bursts in real-time and alert customers within minutes of the occurrence. Real-time notification reduces the damage that can be caused by the escape of significant volumes of water and the subsequent service disruption consequences for local water users.
  • Pressure Transient Monitoring – it is also common for pressure transients are created in the network by third parties (for example, large commercial or industrial users) or network operations (for example, pumps or valve closures). Identifying these damaging pressure transients, sometimes called ‘water hammer’, allows a water utility to identify and mitigate the source of the transient event thereby reducing the likelihood of a large water main failure and contribute to extending the life; particularly when coupled with proactive pipeline condition assessment.
  • Water Quality Monitoring – unprecedented insights into water quality dynamics can be obtained in your water distribution network through the deployment of smart water quality monitoring devices. These multi-parameter devices can collect Free Chlorine (mg/L), pH, Electrical Conductivity (μS/cm), water temperature, Total Organic Carbon (mg/L) and water pressure.

real-time pipeline monitoring

How can Aqua Analytics help us real-time pipeline monitoring projects?

Aqua Analytics can assist with all aspects of real time pipeline monitoring projects. We engage early with network operators to understand what they are seeking to achieve and develop a methodology, which contains both water technologies and field procedures, to achieve their objectives. The scope of our work can include:

  1. Development of technical specifications – working with asset owners, we can develop an appropriate technical specification that will ensure the achievement of project objectives.
  2. Sourcing equipment or devices for existing projects – we help utilities source appropriate equipment to meet their needs, with consideration of installation effort, cost, ongoing maintenance and data integration requirements.
  3. Installation and maintenance of real-time monitoring devices – field offering to minimise level-of-effort required to establish real-time water network monitoring projects.
  4. 24/7 Control Room – provide eyes and ears across all your smart water network devices, ensuring the appropriate persons are alerted when events occur maximising the value of smart monitoring projects.
  5. Turn-Key Insights-as-a-Service – a full-service offering where Aqua Analytics manages all components of the project and provides valuable insights to the utility on what is happening within their network and how to act to minimise disruption or cost.

Achieve operational objectives with real-time water network monitoring

If you want to explore real-time water network monitoring with smart IoT device, and to make improvements against operational objectives, please contact us today to discuss our options for the supply, installation, rental, maintenance or ongoing fully-managed service for IoT water technology devices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.