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Are you looking for an intelligent, technology-driven water network monitoring system to provide you with improved asset management? Aqua Analytics are the experts in utilising state-of-the-art smart technology to provide tailored water management solutions for water networks across Australia and New Zealand.

With our water monitoring solutions, you will receive real-time feedback across all aspects of your water distribution networks, from water quality, acoustic leak detection, pressure transients and notifications of burst water mains. Improve the operation of your water networks and reduce unexpected disruptions by relying on effective and efficient monitoring solutions from Aqua Analytics.

Aqua Analytics live and breathe water network management and active monitoring. We ensure utilities are working towards their operational objectives using our tried and tested solutions. Our adoption of modern monitoring solutions is backed by more than two decades of experience in developing and refining systems for intelligent pipeline and asset management. Our Internet-of-Things (IoT) network devices provide real-time feedback on water quality, pressure variations, leakage detection and burst mains. Accurate and up to date monitoring allow for more effective management of daily operations and emergency events.


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Why Choose Aqua Analytics for Pipeline Monitoring?

At Aqua Analytics, we are committed to reducing water loss, improving asset intelligence, and minimising the risk of pipeline failures. We aim to improve the accuracy and availability of data to improve the decision-making process on water projects. We have been developing smart water management solutions across the Asia Pacific region over the last 20 years. Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to leverage the affordances presented by improvements in sensors and networked technology to improve the efficiency of water systems.

Our approach to pipeline monitoring not only uses the latest technology, but also delivers real results. We’re trusted by leading water utilities across Australia and New Zealand responsible for providing and managing water for millions of people. Additionally, all of our staff and technicians undergo additional customer service training to deliver exceptional experiences for all clients. To find out more, contact Aqua Analytics today or visit the FAQ section answered by our expert technicians below.

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Years Experience

In helping water utilities throughout Australia and New Zealand better manage their water networks with technology.

Kilometres of Leak Detection

Our team has completed over 150,000 km of active water main leak detection throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Intelligent Real-Time Pipeline Monitoring

Real-time pipeline monitoring, such as pressure transient monitoring, provides critical intelligence on asset health and water network operation enabling operators to make timely interventions that minimise customer impact, cost, or environmental damage. Connecting smart sensors and Internet-of-Things (IoT) network devices to water networks is becoming more accepted. Aqua Analytics’ turn-key approach allows water utilities to implement real-time water network monitoring projects with less risk.

Many water utilities are embracing smart sensor and analytics innovation to improve how they operate their water networks. By obtaining real-time pipeline monitoring insights about the performance of buried water networks, they can utilise a more proactive approach to water network management.

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What Problems Can Real-Time Pipeline Monitoring Help With?

  • Near Real-Time Leak Detection– using acoustic technologies allows utilities to monitor for the unique acoustic signature exhibited by water escaping pressurised pipelines, thereby reducing the potential for leaks to grow into more catastrophic water main bursts. Also, the timely identification of leaks allows early intervention that can contribute to lower levels of non-revenue water in the system.
  • Burst Water Mains– deploying high-speed pressure transient monitoring devices allows us to detect water main bursts in real-time and alert customers within minutes of the occurrence. Real-time notification reduces the damage caused by the escape of significant volumes of water and the subsequent service disruption consequences for local water users.
  • Pressure Transient Monitoring– it is also common for pressure transients to be created in the network by third parties (for example, large commercial or industrial users) or network operations (for example, pumps or valve closures). Identifying these damaging pressure transients, sometimes called ‘water hammer’, allows a water utility to identify and mitigate the source of the transient event, thereby reducing the likelihood of a significant water main failure and contribute to extending its lifespan, particularly when coupled with a proactive pipeline condition assessment.
  • Water Quality Monitoring– unprecedented insights into water quality dynamics can be obtained in your water distribution network by deploying smart water quality monitoring devices. These multi-parameter devices can collect data on Free Chlorine (mg/L), pH, Electrical Conductivity (μS/cm), water temperature, Total Organic Carbon (mg/L) and water pressure.


How Can Aqua Analytics Help With Real-Time Pipeline Monitoring Projects?

Aqua Analytics can assist with all aspects of real-time pipeline monitoring projects. We engage early with network operators to understand what they are seeking to achieve and develop a methodology that contains water technologies and field procedures to achieve their objectives. The scope of our work can include:


  1. Development of technical specifications– working with asset owners, we can develop an appropriate technical specification that will ensure the achievement of project objectives.
  2. Sourcing equipment or devices for existing projects– we help utilities source appropriate equipment to meet their needs, considering installation effort, cost, ongoing maintenance and data integration requirements.
  3. Installation and maintenance of real-time monitoring devices– field offering to minimise level-of-effort required to establish real-time water network monitoring projects.
  4. 24/7 Control Room– provides eyes and ears across all your smart water network devices, ensuring the appropriate persons are alerted when events occur, maximising smart monitoring projects’ value.
  5. Turn-Key Insights-as-a-Service– a full-service offering where Aqua Analytics manages all project components and provides valuable insights to the utility on what is happening within their network and how to act to minimise disruption or cost.


Achieve Operational Objectives With Real-Time Water Network Monitoring

If you want to explore real-time water monitoring with smart IoT devices and make improvements against operational objectives, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are happy to discuss options for the supply, installation, rental, maintenance or ongoing fully-managed services for IoT water technology devices throughout Australia and New Zealand.


End-to-End Support

Not only are we experts in real-time monitoring, but the Aqua Analytics technicians are also passionate about providing the best results for our clients. Aqua Analytics will be there every step of the way, for your water monitoring project.

At the start of every project, we work with our clients to identify the goals they are working towards and develop an effective framework to achieve these goals. We source equipment or devices and develop technical specifications that help utilities meet their project objectives. We also cover the installation and maintenance of real-time monitoring devices and provide oversight of your project with our 24/7 control room. Our full-service offering uses industry best practices and cutting-edge technology to provide you with accurate and easy to manage analytics to inform asset and water pipeline management.


What Areas Do Aqua Analytics Service?

With offices across Australia, in New Zealand and Singapore, we provide domestic and international services for your water management needs. If you are unsure whether we can reach you, get in contact with our friendly team, and we’ll let you know whether we can help.


What Other Services Do You Provide?

Not only do we provide real-time water network monitoring, but Aqua Analytics  have also pioneered smart water management solutions with a focus on water loss management, pipe condition assessment and leak detection. We utilise various technology-driven methods and solutions to provide our clients with intelligent, intuitive, and practical strategies to manage their assets.

Our Various Services Include:

  • Active Leak Detection
  • Pipeline Condition Assessment
  • Smart Water Consulting
  • Smart Water Networks
  • Smart Water Metering
  • Valve and Hydrant Assessment
  • Water Loss Management


How Much Do Your Services Cost?

When crafting intelligent pipeline management strategies, we are unable to provide one size fits all estimations. As every job we work on is unique, we quote on a project-by-project basis. Whether you are looking for a long-term engagement or short-term assistance, we provide clear and transparent pricing structures that best accommodate your budget without compromising on the quality of our solutions.

If you would like to discuss your water loss management, pipeline assessment or smart network management project today, get in touch with our team today.


What Is Aqua Analytics Approach to Safety?

HSQE stands for workplace health, safety, quality, and environment and is integral to everything we do at Aqua Analytics. We take our commitment to HSQE standards seriously and hold certifications for the following standards:

  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018

The health and safety of all our staff is paramount, and we make continuous efforts to improve safety performance every year. We do this by:

  • Complying with statutory HSQE requirements, codes, standards, and guidelines
  • Assessing HSQE risks and taking appropriate measures to reduce potential risks
  • Establishing objectives and targets with the intent of reducing and eliminating work-related injuries and incidents
  • Defining clear roles and responsibilities for HSQE across the whole company.

Some of our HSQE strategies include:

  • Providing ongoing education and training to our employees ensuring that all employees can carry out their duties in a safe manner
  • Consulting with employees and other parties to improve decision-making on HSQE matters
  • Ensuring HSE management principles are included in all organisational planning activities
  • Performing routine HSQE audits to assess compliance with HSQE laws and company policies
  • Distributing HSQE information, including this policy, to all employees and interested parties
  • Providing enough resources to ensure occupational health, safety, quality and environment is a central part of the organisation

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