Smart Water and Water Loss Consulting

Our smart water consulting and water loss management consulting services give water utilities access to independent experts who possess a strong understanding of innovation and water technologies. Aqua Analytics can provide specialist advice on how to correctly establish technology-driven water loss management projects that reduce non-revenue water (NRW) and implement best-in-class smart water network technology to obtain greater insight to support decision making.

We see the world from both sides.

Firstly, we understand what smart water technology vendors are trying to achieve and the tactics they use to convince utilities in making purchasing decisions. And secondly, we know the confusion and choices utilities face when dealing with a myriad of new, emerging, proven and unproven digital solutions. Our advice and insight helps deliver better outcomes at a lower cost.

How can smart water technology help our water network?

Smart water networks improve the operational efficiency, longevity, and reliability of the physical water network. For example, better measurement, collection and analysis of data allows more rapid action upon a range of network events leading to lower costs and improved levels of customer service. Similarly, real-time network monitoring can provide improved situational awareness on leakage, leading to more targeted leakage reduction efforts by your scarce resources or an understanding of high-risk assets due to pressure transients in sewer rising mains.

How can we help with smart water technology projects?

smart water consulting

At Aqua Analytics, we provide independent smart water consulting advice to help water utilities navigate the water technology

space. We have intimate knowledge of what solutions are best suited to achieve your organisational objectives and solve your most significant water and wastewater network challenges; including avoiding water main bursts, reducing wastewater blockages and reducing levels of non-revenue water.

At all times, we are guided by how the implementation of smart technologies will contribute to improved operational performance within your business. We keep the goals of the customer front and centre as we develop an intelligent water strategy.

How is IoT is changing water network management?

The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) allows water utilities to monitor their assets in near-real-time leading to better customer outcomes, improved levels of operational efficiency and enhanced asset performance. Simultaneously, the cost of smart device hardware, communication and Big Data Analytics as reduced considerably over the last decade making IoT projects affordable for water utilities of all sizes. Our smart water consulting services help you navigate this this ever changing environment and helps you understand the value of solutions such as Trimble Water’s Remote-Monitoring-as-a-Service.

The Aqua Analytics team has experience in working with a range of water IoT devices, applications and communication

protocols and understands how these combine to help water utilities improve their business and solve critical problems. For example, the ability to detect a leak when it is small, before it becomes a major burst, enables preventative maintenance at a much lower repair cost and, most importantly, leads to improved customer satisfaction.

We help all water industry stakeholders with their digital water strategies

Inventors, technology companies, start-ups, consultants and water utilities often seek us out for advice on the direction of their smart water strategies or business models. Some examples of smart water consulting and water loss management consulting projects we have undertaken are:

  • Provided advice to water technology start-ups on their product development plans
  • Crafted commercialisation strategies for inventors who have existing intellectual property
  • Partnered with a consultants on large scale smart water projects as a subject matter expert (SME)
  • Developed innovative business models for technology companies looking for recurring revenue streams
  • Undertaken market research for international water technology firms looking at expansion into Australia and New Zealand markets (including identification of suitable local partners or resellers)
  • Provided advice to water utilities during the development of technical specifications and procurement to ensure achievement of project goals at a lower cost
  • Undertaken market sounding for companies with intellectual property (IP) who are seeking a trade sale

The ability to capture more, better quality and higher frequency of data, at a lower cost, will help water utilities become more predictive and resilient in their approach to network operations and maintenance.

If you require smart water consulting or water loss management consulting in Australia, New Zealand or Asia, please contact us today for a confidential discussion on how we can assist you.