Trimble Water

Trimble Water is renowned for its remote monitoring IoT hardware and software solutions offered as a service for water and wastewater utilities around the world. Aqua Analytics, as a Trimble Water Business Partner, can offer water and wastewater utilities, through a subscription, access to the latest hardware and software technologies for remote monitoring of critical water infrastructure assets to make better decisions.

Trimble Water: a new approach for monitoring critical infrastructure

As an alternative to the traditional approach of purchasing equipment and software up-front, the Solutions-as-a-Service provides water utilities in Australia and New Zealand with the flexibility to begin projects quickly with a reduced upfront investment and a predictable annual subscription. This enables utilities of all sizes to access a wide range of advanced remote monitoring solutions that fit their needs and budgets.

Broad Range of IoT Water Solutions Built on Proven Technology

The Solutions-as-a-Service leverage Trimble’s Telog® family of IoT remote monitoring hardware, proven and deployed by thousands of utilities and industry service providers, in combination with the Trimble Unity™ Remote Monitoring cloud and mobile software. This combination helps utilities lower water loss leakage and improve service, reduce wastewater and stormwater overflows and spills as well as enhance regulatory compliance.

Real-time Asset Performance and Alarming

Monitor asset performance using Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring GIS-centric cloud and mobile software, integrated with the Trimble Telog family of battery-powered, wireless recorders and sensors. Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring offers built-in telemetry data reporting, analysis tools, and configurable alarming thresholds. These tools can be configured to manually or automatically trigger inspections and work orders in the Cityworks asset management system, empowering your organisation to respond quickly and effectively.

Risk Strategy and Prioritisation

Cityworks Operational Insights offers built-in analytics and tools to calculate probability of failure, consequence of failure, and business risk exposure. Factors such as asset age, material, historic inspection and repair activities, and key performance indicators captured via the IoT sensors and stored in the GIS can help you prioritise asset repair activities, perform more expansive monitoring, and enrich your analysis with asset replacement cost data to support capital improvement planning.

How can Aqua Analytics & Trimble Water can help?

We recognise that each water utility, engineering consulting firms and contractors all have different needs when it comes to remote monitoring. The Solutions-as-a-Service allows us to create tailored subscription service bundle to meet their needs, providing flexibility to address a specific project, monitor ongoing operations, or support long-term performance, sustainability and resiliency programs. This can include support, training, technology assurance and periodic system operating reviews to maximise uptime and performance throughout the life of the subscription and can include ongoing support from Aqua Analytics’ local teams.

If you are looking to invest in IoT hardware for water or wastewater network monitoring, contact us today for a discussion about what we can offer.