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Managing water networks is a complex and critical task, especially in Australia, where water resources are scarce, and effective water distribution is essential. In recent years, innovative network calming and transient analysis tools have emerged as a game-changer in the water industry. These cutting-edge solutions, such as pressure waveform classification, event source triangulation, and smart event alarms, can help water utilities to calm their networks, significantly reducing leakage and improving efficiency.

In this blog post, we will explore how Aqua Analytics utilises these advanced technologies to optimise transient pressure monitoring and create calm water networks, mitigating the damaging effects of water hammer and transient pressure monitoring.

Pressure Transient Monitoring: The Key to Calm Water Networks

Pressure transient monitoring is crucial to maintaining water network stability and preventing leakage. By carefully monitoring and analysing pressure fluctuations within the system, utilities can identify and address potential issues before they lead to more significant problems. With the help of advanced monitoring solutions, Aqua Analytics can accurately detect and analyse pressure transients, enabling the effective management of water networks.

Water Hammer: An Underlying Cause of Network Instability

One common cause of pressure transients in water networks is the phenomenon known as water hammer. Water hammer occurs when there is a sudden change in the water flow rate within the system, causing a rapid increase in pressure. This pressure spike can lead to pipe damage, leaks, and even system failures. Using advanced transient pressure monitoring tools, Aqua Analytics can identify and address the root causes of water hammer, ensuring a calm and stable water network.

Pressure Waveform Classification: A Step Towards Smarter Water Network Management

One of the innovative tools used by Aqua Analytics is pressure waveform classification. This technology allows for identifying and classifying different types of pressure transients, helping operators understand their cause and origin. By accurately categorising these pressure events, Aqua Analytics can develop targeted strategies to address the issues contributing to network instability and prevent water main bursts.

Event Source Triangulation: Pinpointing the Cause of Pressure Transients

To further enhance the effectiveness of pressure transient monitoring, Aqua Analytics employs event source triangulation. This technique uses data from multiple sensors distributed across the water network to precisely locate the source of pressure transients. With this information, Aqua Analytics can pinpoint the root cause of network disturbances and take targeted action to address them, ultimately improving network stability and reducing leakage.

Smart Event Alarms: Proactive Network Management

Finally, Aqua Analytics harnesses the power of smart event alarms to proactively manage water networks. These intelligent alarms use advanced algorithms to identify and prioritise pressure transients based on their severity and potential impact on the network. By providing real-time alerts, these alarms enable network operators to take immediate action, mitigating the effects of pressure transients and preventing costly damage.


Innovative network calming and transient analysis tools, including pressure waveform classification, event source triangulation, and smart event alarms, are revolutionising how water utilities manage their networks.

By leveraging these advanced technologies, Aqua Analytics can help utilities to create calm water networks, effectively and quickly reducing leakage and mitigating the damaging effects of water hammer and transient pressure monitoring.

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