Multi-Year Project with Yarra Valley Water Commences

Originally published on 29 October 2021

Several months ago, Yarra Valley Water, one of the largest water corporations in Australia, appointed Aqua Analytics as its consultant to deliver active leak detection services for the corporation’s water distribution area. Both organisations entered a three-year contract with an option to extend for a further two years subject to satisfactory performance and results.

Yarra Valley Water has long focused on proactively, efficiently and effectively identifying and rectifying leaks in its network as soon as possible to minimise water loss. This project will see Aqua Analytics continue to identify leaks throughout the Yarra Valley Water distribution areas that cover 4,000 square kilometres and assets that consist of over 10,000 kilometres of water mains. If any asset defects are identified, Aqua Analytics will report these via a customised field asset management system that integrates with Yarra Valley Water’s ERP solution, enabling prompt repair and reducing leak run-times.

The scope consists of both planned and reactive works based on real-time network intelligence such as minimum night flow indicators. Aqua Analytics’ team will use a range of acoustic leak detection equipment and sensors to achieve the project objectives and offer a range of innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of field activities.

Commenting on the new project, Hugh Chapman, Managing Director of Aqua Analytics says, “We are excited to partner with Yarra Valley Water over the coming years to help them further reduce their non-revenue water. Yarra Valley Water is deeply committed to creating a sustainable future for its customers and our team shares this vision.”

Every day, more than 2 million people – around 30% of Victoria’s population and 58,000 businesses rely on Yarra Valley Water for their water and sanitation services.

The project award coincides with Aqua Analytics opening a new office in Melbourne, its third opening in the last 12 months and now having a direct local presence in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria to better serve its customers' water network management needs. For office locations please visit our contact page.

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