Top 3 Advanced Trunk Main Leak Detection Solutions

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Trunk main leak detection is critical in managing large-diameter water pipelines. Due to their size and strategic importance, these pipelines require specialised techniques for effective leak detection.

Aqua Analytics offers three advanced solutions tailored for trunk main leak detection. Each uses innovative technology to ensure precision and efficiency.

This blog post will explore each of these solutions, highlighting their unique approaches and benefits.

1. Trunk Main Correlator: Gutermann TM2

The Trunk Main Correlator, utilising the advanced Gutermann TM2 technology, is designed for non-intrusive leak detection on large assets. This solution leverages surface-mounted sensors to detect leaks without requiring internal access to the pipeline.

How It Works

The Gutermann TM2 employs highly sensitive surface-mounted sensors strategically placed along the trunk main. These sensors detect the acoustic signals generated by leaks, and the correlator processes this data to pinpoint the leak location with high accuracy. The device can be deployed with accelerometers or hydrophones.


  • Non-Intrusive: No need for internal access to the pipeline, reducing disruption and potential contamination risks.
  • High Precision: Advanced acoustic technology designed for sound propagation along large-diameter assets ensures accurate leak detection.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduced need for excavation and pipe access lowers overall costs.


2. Free Swimming Leak Detection Device

The Free Swimming Leak Detection method involves an instrumented sphere inserted into a live trunk main without disrupting normal operations. This neutrally buoyant sphere travels with the water flow, continuously collecting data in real-time while being tracked above ground using IoT devices at pre-determined locations.

How It Works

The instrumented sphere is introduced into the pipeline through a specialised apparatus that handles high-pressure water network environments. As the device moves with the water flow, the sphere collects acoustic data, which is saved onboard the device. Simultaneously, the device emits a signal, which is then received at tracking points along the length of the pipeline to assist with localisation and the pinpointing of leaks. This method can cover over 50km in a single deployment, making it ideal for remote trunk mains in rural environments.


  • Real-Time Tracking: IoT devices can track the sphere’s position in real-time, which can be very safe and cost-efficient. 
  • Extensive Coverage: Capable of surveying long distances in a single deployment.
  • High Sensitivity: Detects even minor leaks (down to 0.4 Litres per minute), ensuring comprehensive pipeline integrity.


3. Tethered Leak Detection

The Tethered Leak Detection system utilises a sensitive hydrophone attached to a cable and parachute to navigate the live pipeline without any interruption to customers. This method provides live 1098P HD CCTV and acoustic data, with an operator monitoring progress at the insertion location and another above-ground tracking the device in real time for instant marking of leaks or anomalies. 

How It Works

The device is inserted into the live pipeline, with the parachute aiding its movement through the water flow. Operators stationed in a truck control the cable deployment and monitor the live CCTV and acoustic feed, while a second operator tracks the device’s progress above ground using a sonde. The device has up to 1km of cable and can go around bends.


  • Live Data Feed: Provides real-time CCTV and acoustic data for immediate leak detection and visual assessment.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: A dual-operator system ensures thorough coverage, accurate tracking, and up to 1 kilometre per insertion.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various pipeline conditions and configurations and can be inserted through existing pipeline fittings where they exist.


Why Choose Aqua Analytics?

Aqua Analytics stands out in water loss management and our approach to trunk main leak detection due to our comprehensive range of trunk main technologies and expert local teams. Our solutions are designed for quick mobilisation and cost-effective deployment, ensuring that large-diameter leak detection is efficient and accurate.

Here’s why Aqua Analytics is the preferred choice:

  • Diverse Solutions: With three distinct methods, we offer tailored solutions for different pipeline conditions and requirements. Bring us your pipeline information; we will undertake a review and make recommendations and budget estimates to help you decide.
  • Expert Teams: Our trained local teams have the knowledge and experience to handle complex leak detection tasks.
  • Quick Mobilisation: With equipment and trained teams in major regions across Australia and New Zealand, we have rapid response times, minimising impact and maximising efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective Services: Our advanced technology reduces the need for extensive excavation and pipeline access, lowering overall costs.


Trunk main leak detection is essential for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of large-diameter water pipelines. Aqua Analytics’ advanced solutions, including the Trunk Main Correlator, Free Swimming Leak Detection Device, and Tethered Leak Detection, provide accurate, efficient, and cost-effective leak detection services.

Our range of leak detection technologies and trained local teams ensure we can quickly and effectively address any leak detection needs, safeguarding your water infrastructure and ensuring reliable service.

Contact Aqua Analytics today for more information on our trunk main leak detection services or to schedule a consultation. With our cutting-edge technology and expert solutions, we can help you protect your valuable water assets.

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