About Aqua Analytics

Aqua Analytics’ team has helped pioneer smart water network solutions, water loss management, active leak detection, pipeline condition assessment and water network IoT projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia for over 20 years.

The knowledge we have gained on water network technologies has uniquely positioned us to understand how the emergence of digital solutions can help contribute to improved operational efficiency, leakage reduction and asset replacement programs in a world with constrained resources and ageing pipelines.

Innovation Started in 1990s

Our legacy is in active leak detection and water loss management dating back to the late 1990s under the Aqua Environmental business. We were the first service provider to own a leak noise correlator anywhere in Australia or New Zealand; demonstrating we knew the impact technology could have on the management of buried water network assets. Through the early and mid-2000s we were responsible for long-term active leak detection and leakage reduction projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Auckland.

We’ve helped water utilities from Bondi to Bunbury, Surry Hills to St Kilda, Alice Springs to Birdsville. Our focus is always on providing high-quality advice and field services, coupled with a customised technology strategy that ensures success in the local environment.

Hugh Chapman from Aqua Analytics
Hugh Chapman, Managing Director

Hugh T. Chapman, Managing Director.

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Certified Management Systems

Hugh J. Chapman in 2002 using acoustic leak detection equipment on Sydney Water’s network.

The Adoption of Digital in 2020s

Aqua Analytics helps towns and cities across Australia, New Zealand and Asia reduce leakage in their water networks, gain real-time insight on asset performance and prioritise investment decisions through the correct application of innovation and technology. By coupling highly skilled field teams with industry-leading technology, we can achieve significant improvements over those from legacy approaches.

Our team has become a critical interface between the digital and physical assets of water utilities. This is achieved through our involvement in the design and installation of smart water networks for real-time insight, engagement in performance-based contracts for water loss management and the consolidation of disparate data from traditionally siloed water network data.

We renowned for our ability to solve complex water network challenges through the correct applications of smart technologies and digital platforms.

Our team brings unique perspectives and solution sets that create step-change in a water organisation’s approach to water network management. Increasingly these insights are viewed to be critically important at a time when the emergence of digital water technologies is on everyone’s mind.

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To learn more about Aqua Analytics and how we help with your technology-driven water network management projects such as water loss management, pipeline condition assessment and modularised smart water network software platforms, please contact us today.

Operating in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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