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Engineer Working on Laptop — Success Stories in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Repairing a broken water pipe on the concrete road — Success Stories in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Repairing a broken water pipe on the concrete road — Success Stories in Burleigh Heads, QLD

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At Aqua Analytics, we’re proud to have helped many clients all over the world with water loss management, leak detection, smart water metering and more.

Download our client success stories and case studies below to learn how we have solved critical water network challenges with our expertise. We use the very latest water management technology and smart water software to deliver best results. 

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10 Tips For Improving Your Leakage

Quick Guide Making Improvements In Your Leakage Reduction Program.
Leakage Reduction

New Pipeline Leak Detection

Providing expert field crew to do a full site investigation identifying four leaks.

Sydney, NSW

Leak Detection


Active Leak Detection

Providing real-time reporting using a customised web portal, adding GIS services with improved network intelligence.

Regional Water Utility

Leak Detection


Critical Asset Monitoring

Providing NB-IoT devices, real-time alerts with a fully managed deployment and customised reporting.
Sydney, NSW

Leak Detection


Saving A Client $30,000 Per Month
Using a range of water loss management techniques this client could considerably reduce their leakage.
Northern Territory
Water Loss Management
Monitoring Water Mains During Construction Work
Learn how we monitored critical water mains during construction works using NB-IoT technology.
Sydney, NSW
NB-IoT Monitoring
New Pipeline Failing Hydrostatic Test
We helped a civil contractor find leaks in a newly constructed pipeline which was unable to pass its commissioning test.
Canberra, ACT
Leak Detection
Avoiding Trunk Main Failure
A critical trunk main had experienced failure several times, and our client wanted to mitigate the risk of it reoccuring.
Sydney, NSW
Hydrophone Monitoring
Network Calming in CBD
Our client was experiencing a number of water main breaks, and sought to understand the source of pressure transients so the network calming activities could occur.
Pressure Transient Monitoring
Private Water System Loses 40,000 Litres Per Day
This private water system in a resort town was experiencing a large increase in water usage which our team was able to locate in one day.
Regional Victoria
Water Loss Investigation
Saving $1M Per Year in Bulk Water Costs by Finding 1.35 MLD in Leakage
Assisting a regional water utility with considerable annual savings in bulk water supply costs by undertaking an inspection of their entire distribution network.
Regional NSW
Active Leak Detection
Finding Leaks in Polyethelene Pipelines
We helped locate leaks in a newly installed DN90 Polyethylene (PE) pipeline intended for a pressure sewer that was failing a hydrostatic pressure test for commissioning.
Sydney, NSW
Acoustic Leak Detection
Detecting Water Leak in the Field — Water Management Near Me in Burleigh Heads QLD

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