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Water meter — Smart Water Metering in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Water leaking from disconnected valve — Smart Water Metering in Burleigh Heads, QLD

Manage Your Water Systems With Smart Water Meters

Aqua Analytics is the premier provider and internationally recognised authority on smart water metering in Australia. Our independent water monitoring services can help you manage your water resources more effectively. We use industry-leading technologies to track water usage, monitor water quality and manage water resources in real-time.

As water utilities seek to reduce non-revenue water and quantify actual water demand and loss, smart water metering has become increasingly important. This technology can help you save money by monitoring leaks and reducing water consumption.

We service Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern TerritoryWestern Australia and Tasmania. To learn more, contact us today. Call on 1800 264 262 (Australia) or 0800 345 697 (New Zealand).

Water leaking from disconnected valve — Smart Water Metering in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Digital Water Meter

All homes are fitted with water meters. Water metres allow us to see how much water we’re using and compare them with our bills to ensure that they are all correct as well as manage our usage to be as cost-effective as possible. They are incredibly helpful in understanding and appropriately utilising the facilities of our homes. But what is a ‘smart’ water meter?

What Is Smart Water Metering?

A smart water meter is a water meter that automatically tracks and records the amount of water you use in your home. They allow professionals to find and fix leaks more quickly and ensure energy companies charge your water usage accurately.
Digital Water Meter
Reading Water Meter

What Is The Difference Between A Smart Water Meter And A Standard Water Meter

A standard water meter is usually read every six months. This means its recordings are done after the fact and information regarding your water usage can only be provided after the months have occurred. However, with a smart water meter, they accurately measure, record and transmit water consumption virtually in real-time. This means you can track your water usage as it’s happening and adjust this appropriately. This means you will also have a better understanding of your bills beforehand allowing for preparation.

Reading Water Meter
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What Is The Process Of A Smart Water Metering

A smart water meter works efficiently in real-time. It collects and analyses data which allows you to identify any issues as they happen. This means that if you are consuming water at a very fast rate, you can change this by making the appropriate adaptations to your lifestyle. By having this data collected and analysed as it happens, you don’t have to play a guessing game for six months waiting to see the difference. If there is a problem with your property’s water system, you will also know about this through your smart water meter’s data recordings sooner. This means you can correct any issues and seek the appropriate repair and maintenance, keeping on top of your water system and preventing any surprise complications.

This data can also be used to optimise zones of water usage to distribute your water functions appropriately to where it will be most cost-effective and utilised. If the water system is for a client, it will also allow your company to consolidate a report for them. This will provide an accurate report for them demonstrating how effectively water is used.

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Water Bill

What Are The Advantages Of Smart Water Metering

There are many advantages of smart water metering. For example, more accurate water bills. With such a precise reading in live-time of your water usage, this will make your water bills much more accurate and clear. With more accurate water bills, you know that your water usage is as cost-effective as possible which means you are saving money by not creating unnecessary water excess rates. A more accurate water bill will relieve stress from yourself the property owner and have a better understanding of the workings of your property. With a better understanding, you can manage and maintain the systems of your property better as well as effectively manage any bills.

A smart water meter also means faster leak detection. Faster leak detection means faster leak repairs. By having a quicker response time to any leaks you reduce the likeliness of water waste as well as system complications. This quicker repair means better maintenance of your property and will reduce the risk of larger complications that may arise due to undetected issues such as unknown leaks. These larger complications may be more costly and have knock-on effects that create issues in multiple systems not just your water one. This could lead to many more repairs which could have been avoided with better leak detection rates. Having your leak detected sooner and avoiding these bigger issues will be much more cost-effective.

Water Bill
Water Leaking From Shower Hose

Smart water metering also means less water is wasted which is much better for the environment. In the current climate, being environmentally conscious is something we should all try to do especially property owners so trying to avoid too much water wastage is essential for creating a greener more sustainable living.

Many solutions will make a noticeable difference around your home once you have a smart water meter fitted. These solutions will benefit your way of living, and your financial status as well as make for easier maintenance around your house. Some of the possible solutions you may see within your lifestyle and home after investing in a smart water meter are:

  • Saving money on energy costs
  • Reducing water consumptions
  • Identifying water system leaks
  • Maintaining solid, supported water infrastructure
Water Leaking From Shower Hose
GIS and Water Network Management

How Can I Get A Smart Water Meter Fitted

If you’re purchasing or renovating a new property or want to make an upgraded switch to a smart water meter in your property, you want to make sure you hire a professional for installation. For a team of dedicated professionals, you can contact Aqua Analytics at 1800 264 262 or their website. Providing safe and clean water services in Australia to all kinds of properties, Aqua Analytics can upgrade your current water meter for a smart one or fit a smart metre in a new building. They also provide maintenance services such as leak detection, valve condition assessment, water loss management and more. Dedicated to helping you save money on your water bills and having a smart meter that is accurate and useful.

GIS and Water Network Management

Who Requires Smart Water Technologies?

Inventors, technology companies, start-ups, consultants and water utilities often seek us out for advice on smart water technology and the direction of their smart water strategies or business models. Some examples of smart water consulting and water loss management consulting projects we have undertaken include:

  • Market sounding for companies with intellectual property (IP) who are seeking a trade sale
  • Market research for international water technology firms looking at expansion into Australian & New Zealand markets (including identification of suitable local partners or resellers)
  • Developed innovative business models for technology companies looking for recurring revenue streams
  • Provided advice to water technology start-ups on their product development plans
  • Provided advice to water utilities during the development of technical specifications & procurement to ensure achievement of project goals at a lower cost
  • Crafted commercialisation strategies for inventors who have existing intellectual property
  • Partnered with consultants on large scale smart water projects as a subject matter expert (SME)

pipes in the ground exposed for smart water technology services
Plumber testing compressor leaks — Smart Water Metering in Burleigh Heads, QLD

Smart Water Meter Consulting

At Aqua Analytics, we offer smart water meter consulting to help you navigate the water technology space. There are a range of benefits to this:

  • Our team can provide tailored solutions to achieve your organisational objectives & address your water monitoring challenges while helping you reduce non-revenue water & customer side leakage
  • We can use smart technologies to develop an intelligent water strategy tailored to your needs that will improve your operational performance 
  • Our water monitoring solutions will increase your overall efficiency & financial revenue 
  • Smart water metering can remove manual meter reading costs & allow you to improve your level of customer service & credit management
  • Smart water metering will allow you to understand & manage demand, as well as lower capital expenditure on water infrastructure 
Plumber testing compressor leaks — Smart Water Metering in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Plumber Water Pipe Leak Repair — Smart Water Metering in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Plumber Water Pipe Leak Repair — Smart Water Metering in Burleigh Heads, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Financial benefits can include:
    • Reduction in non-revenue water & customer side leakage
    • Lower capital expenditure associated with water infrastructure due to better demand management
    • Removal of manual meter reading costs (& associated safety hazards)
    • Improved levels of customer service & better credit management
  • The main non-financial smart water metering benefits are:
    • Enhanced customer experience & improved levels of customer satisfaction from real time information & notifications (for example, avoiding ‘bill shock’ or alerting to a customer-side leak)
    • Improved usage of scarce water resources so beneficial for the environment
    • The ability to implement new tariff structures due to data granularity or minimise customer cut-offs due to payment hardship
    • A better manage the way water restrictions are used during periods of low supply

Many digital water meter projects in Australia and New Zealand involve telecommunications providers, particularly with the growth of Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and similar technologies. Smart water meter solutions are becoming a critical component of intelligent water networks. In New Zealand, Aqua Analytics can provide Kamstrup smart water meters.

The interoperability of intelligent water meters with other water network IoT devices and the consolidation of data within a module and equipment agnostic smart water management platforms such as GoAigua, allows us to change the way we manage complex buried water networks. If correctly implemented, smart water meters can significantly contribute to non-revenue water reduction and infrastructure upgrade deferrals in many cities and towns.

Not only have we pioneered innovative water monitoring services, but Aqua Analytics has also developed real time water network solutions with a focus on water loss management, pipe condition assessment and leak detection. We utilise various technology driven methods and solutions to provide our clients with intelligent, intuitive and practical strategies to manage their assets.

Our services include:

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) allows water utilities to monitor their assets in almost real time, leading to better customer outcomes, improved operational efficiency and enhanced asset performance. Simultaneously, the cost of smart device hardware, communication and big data analytics has significantly reduced over the last decade, making IoT projects affordable for water utilities of all sizes. Our innovative water consulting services help you navigate this ever-changing environment and enables you to understand the value of solutions such as Trimble Water’s Remote-Monitoring-as-a-Service.

The Aqua Analytics team has experience working with a range of water IoT devices, applications and communication protocols and understands how these can all help water utilities improve their business and solve critical problems. For example, the ability to detect a leak before it becomes a significant burst enables preventative maintenance at a much lower repair cost and, most importantly, leads to improved customer satisfaction.

When developing intelligent water metering solutions, we are unable to provide a one-size-fits-all quote for every job. As every project we work on is unique, we quote on a project-by-project basis. Whether you are looking for a long-term engagement or short-term assistance, we provide clear and transparent pricing structures that best accommodate your budget without compromising on the quality of our solutions.

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