Trunk Main Leak Detection in Australia

Worker Holding a Yellow Construction Helmet — Leak Detection in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Cables and optical fibres in the digging on a construction site — Leak Detection in Burleigh Heads, QLD

Utilising Advanced Leak Technology

Aqua Analytics is the leading provider of trunk main leak detection services in Australia. We use TM2 advanced noise correlation technology for fast and reliable results. Once a leak has been located, we will provide you with a detailed report that includes the location and size of the leak, plus repair options.

In addition to trunk main leak detection surveys, we also offer permanent or semi-permanent trunk main monitoring solutions with all data communicated via the cellular network. This is a useful service for areas that experience regular failures, or if you wish to safeguard against catastrophic leaks.

We service Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern TerritoryWestern Australia and throughout Tasmania. For more information, call 1800 264 262 (Australia) or 0800 345 697 (New Zealand).

Cables and optical fibres in the digging on a construction site — Leak Detection in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Broken pipe that leaks water — Leak Detection in Burleigh Heads, QLD

Benefits of Trunk Main Leak Detection

At Aqua Analytics, we have three different trunk main leak detection technologies. You can read our blog on the Top 3 Advanced Trunk Main Leak Detection Solutions.

Current trunk main leak detection technology involves letting a microphone float through a pipe with water flow to detect audible leak signatures. This technology is limited by flow rates, access and cost. At Aqua Analytics, we also own the TM2 trunk main leak detection technology that can correlate leaks over distances of one kilometre or more. It also comes with a range of other benefits including: 

  • Easy & non-invasive setup (avoid costly pipeline inspections & pipe tapping/drilling)
  • Higher processing speeds
  • Improved signal processing technology
  • Increased sensitivity & possibility of unlimited correlation
  • Ability to detect quiet leak noise at low frequencies
  • Accurate detection of leaks, even in challenging conditions & over longer distances

Identifying a leak on a water trunk main connection can prevent large disruptive failures and prevent you from having to spend millions of dollars in damage repairs. Our proactive service not only allows you to obtain knowledge about the general condition of your trunk water mains but will allow you to carry out necessary maintenance and repairs when necessary.

Broken pipe that leaks water — Leak Detection in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Drainage pipes into the ground — Leak Detection in Burleigh Heads, QLD
Drainage pipes into the ground — Leak Detection in Burleigh Heads, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of trunk main leak detection is to find all the leaks that do not surface or come to the attention of the water utility on their large diameter trunk main network. The detection process involves teams of skilled leak detection technicians using advanced correlation devices. This may be in response to an increase in the minimum night flow (MNF) if the area is sectorised into a DMA or Water Supply Zone, or simply as part of a proactive regular inspection schedule.

Many technologies for trunk main leakage detection utilise acoustic principles to identify and pinpoint leak locations. A pressurised water pipe will create a unique acoustic signature at the leak location due to the pressure differential between the inside and outside of the pipe—the water main acts as a medium for transmitting the acoustic signature of the water leak.

When water is escaping the pipe under pressure, it makes a distinct ‘hissing’ sound that can carry significant distances along the length of the water pipe and be detected on nearby service connections, hydrants or stop valves. Several factors influence the distance which the leak can travel but are primarily the pipeline material and diameter.

Aqua Analytics uses the most advanced leak noise correlator available to complete their trunk main leak detection work. This correlator is from the world’s leading leak detection equipment provider.

Trunk mains, typically assets that are over 300mm in diameter, require a different approach to reticulation assets when it comes to leak detection. These are often assets critical to operations, and the current condition and presence of leaks must be well understood to reduce the likelihood of failure.

Trunk main correlators—specialised hydrophones or accelerometers—are placed on the trunk main (typically at 1-2km spacings), listening for specific frequencies and applying traditional correlation equations to detect the presence of leaks.

Trunk main leak detection is challenging due to the reduced sound propagation in larger diameter pipelines. Many utilities avoid trunk main leak detection activities due to a perceived lack of leakage on these assets, however many examples in Australia and New Zealand prove this is inaccurate. Aqua Analytics can deliver trunk main leak detection using the following solutions:

  • Free swimming leak detection technologies: A cylindrical device is inserted into a live pipeline, propelled by the water flow and captured downstream. The captured data is downloaded, analysed and the leak location is determined.
  • Tethered leak detection technologies: A device is inserted into a live pipeline, attached to a long cable and propelled by the water flow. An operator will listen for the acoustic signal from the device hydrophone and determine if any leaks are present.
  • Real time trunk main monitoring: Specialised hydrophone devices can monitor large diameter pipelines in real time for changes in operating conditions that may indicate a new, developing or growing leak.

The Aqua Analytics team consists of internationally renowned experts on water leakage reduction, non-revenue water (NRW), and acoustic leak detection methodologies. Over several decades, we have developed customised water loss reduction strategies for conditions in Australia and New Zealand to ensure we achieve lower levels of water loss. We are viewed as leaders in trunk main leakage detection through our long-term engagements on projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and throughout New Zealand.

We also pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and finding solutions to problems where others cannot. If you are looking to achieve results from your active leak detection project, please contact us today by giving us a call, or fill out the enquiry form below.

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