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Water loss management is a global issue. In Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology reports non-revenue water loss in Australia in the past five years is almost 900,000ML, averaging approximately 10% of a water authorities system input volume. In New Zealand it is estimated over 100 billion litres of water is lost each year to leakage. The causes of this water loss can real losses, such as leaks in the buried pipeline network network, and apparent losses, such as metering inaccuracies and unauthorised consumption. Water loss management projects can help these public water utilities operate more efficiently.

A water loss management project will generally follow a structured set of documented tasks and and initiatives, which have the ultimate objective of reducing non-revenue water. When water leakage experts undertake these projects, they focus on the consolidation of activities and strategies to reduce the volume of water lost from the ageing water supply system. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to water loss management in Australia and New Zealand.

Non-revenue water is potable drinking water lost somewhere in the water distribution system, never reaching its final destination, and thus never generating revenue for the council or utility. This means the water is captured, treated, and pumped around a water supply network, but it is not paid for by an end consumer.

Innovative Water Loss Management Projects

At Aqua Analytics, we understand the need for tailored water loss management solutions; what has worked for one utility in a specific area may not be effective in another environment. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience across several decades, allows us to develop water loss management strategies that deliver results. At the onset of a project, we work closely with our clients to understand their project objectives, budget considerations, operational requirements, and long-term goals. Our innovative water loss management approach leverages a range of digital technologies and smart water platforms, ensuring consolidation of data and operational readiness so the project can continue as business-as-usual. We are members of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group.

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Our team has completed over 150,000 km of active water main leak detection throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Intelligent Water Loss Management

At Aqua Analytics, our custom water loss solutions utilise industry-leading technology and methods, and build upon existing frameworks to provide intelligent solutions that assist with water utility asset management. While our ‘boots on the ground’ are a key aspect, consolidating this field intelligence into a cohesive data management platform is critical for project success. All field work is carried out utilising GIS-centric solutions, to ensure asset numbers and identifiers are used to ensure a single source of truth.

Our software stack, provides clients with tangible benefits in both long and short-term timeframes. We believe that a proactive approach to water loss management is vital for effective and lasting results, and we establish all projects with this in mind.

How Does Aqua Analytics
Help Reduce Water Loss?

How Does Aqua Analytics
Help Reduce Water Loss?

Ever since water has been distributed through networks of underground pipes, quantities of water have leaked before reaching its intended point of use. Many water utilities throughout Australia and New Zealand have commenced leakage management projects intending to achieve a significantly lower level of leakage by establishing better processes and ongoing field activities.

Water utilities must have water asset management plans consistent with other aspects of their corporate or strategic objectives. Water loss is an element in the water supply and should be viewed as an alternative water source in conjunction with the type of resource. To an extent, improved water network management can produce short-term as well as long-term yields.

Water loss management plans will be specific to each water utility and sometimes to supply zones within a specific water utility. What is economical for one area may not be appropriate for another. Leakage reduction strategies will also change with time as unit costs of water and active leak detection change, and new techniques become available at a lower cost and are often driven by the Economic Level of Leakage (ELL) of each specific water utility.

Aqua Analytics are the leaders in providing effective water loss management strategies and implementing leakage reduction projects for major water networks, public and private utilities and local Councils throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia.

In formulating a water loss management plan for reducing non-revenue water, water utilities need to consider the following seven key issues:

  1. How much do we wish to spend?
  2. What are the implications of a relatively high level of leakage?
  3. How can we estimate the savings from leakage management measures?
  4. How do the regulators (such as IPART in New South Wales) view our leakage reduction targets?
  5. What existing data sources are available? And do we wish to obtain greater insight into leakage through
    smart device deployment?
  6. What are the next steps in formulating a leakage management plan?
  7. Are there any political considerations we need to consider?
How do we implement a water loss management project?

Non-revenue water reduction projects require the full commitment from a water utility and a strategy with engagement and ownership from senior leadership to repair crews. Utilities with the greatest success with their leakage reduction initiatives have an ingrained, leakage-centric organisational culture, an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, and alignment between different parts of the organisation.

At Aqua Analytics, we engage with utilities early on to understand their objectives, review existing processes, and conduct a gap analysis. This approach allows the development of a customised water loss strategy that ensures success in the local conditions. Specific tactics may include establishing District Metered Areas (DMAs), installing data loggers, implementing pressure management solutions, undertaking step-testing, active leakage control or more intelligent workforce management solutions to improve the speed and quality of repairs. Additionally, our water loss management software allows utilities and councils to have a holistic view of their network-wide leakage reduction efforts and ensure targeted works occur.

Achieving sustainable water management should be the goal of every water utility. Besides the clear environmental benefit, sustainable water management is simply good business and demonstrates to your customers that you take seriously your commitment to providing water services at the lowest possible cost.

Water is a scarce and valuable resource, and regularly under stress in parts of Australia and New Zealand. Implementing a water loss management project not only protects the environment – it also saves utilities and their consumers money.

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is the difference between the amount of water a utility supplies to the distribution system and the amount of water billed to their customers. NRW is a waste of money, and water losses from leaks in the network is a waste of scarce drinking water resources. In short, a water utility has paid the costs to catch, treat, and pump the water around the network, but it is lost before going through a customer water meter.

Aqua Analytics can offer a range of water loss management solutions to address leakage and reduce non-revenue. This ranges from active leak detection, deployment of smart IoT devices, NRW software (such as GoAigua) and overseeing the development of water loss management programme strategies.

Yes, certainly.

We are very open to innovative procurement and engagement methods that align the goals of a water utility with our performance. This allows for the utility to pay directly for results and not for time or tasks. Such projects take time to establish, but the effort is worth it and many examples exist. We have templates for performance-based NRW projects that can expedite the process. Please contact us for more information.

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