Raising Awareness of Water Loss With “Leak Lager”

Worker Evaluating the Leak Detection — Water Management Near Me in Burleigh Heads QLD

Aqua Analytics, a company dedicated to helping water utilities reduce non-revenue water and manage leakage, is celebrating a successful year with a unique twist: Leak Lager.

This limited edition brew, crafted using water identified as leakage by Aqua’s skilled teams, serves as a toast to the impressive 11 billion litres saved and 3,500 leaks plugged by Aqua in 2023 across Australia and New Zealand.

Beyond being a celebratory drink, Leak Lager is a conversation starter.

Each can sent to clients and suppliers is a tangible reminder of the power of sustainability, innovation, and unconventional thinking. It highlights the positive impact that can be achieved through collaboration and commitment to solving critical water challenges.

“Leak Lager is more than just a beer,” says Chris Medcalf, Operations Manager at Aqua Analytics. “It is a toast to our achievements, but also a challenge to ourselves and the industry to push even further and ensure a sustainable water future for all.”

Aqua Analytics’ mission to reduce water network leakage across Australia and New Zealand goes beyond Leak Lager.

The company utilises best-in-class methodologies and expertise to help water utilities pinpoint and fix leaks, saving millions of litres of water each year. This not only benefits the environment but also reduces utilities’ costs and assists in the drive towards net zero carbon emissions.

Detecting Water Leak in the Field — Water Management Near Me in Burleigh Heads QLD

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