Smart Water Networks

At Aqua Analytics, we think of smart water networks differently. No testing, pilots or trials. No never-ending research projects that waste millions of dollars to find out what everyone already knew. Just real outcomes that have a positive impact on your business. Digital and smart water network technologies have the power to transform water utilities in unimaginable ways. This is even more true with the advent of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for water networks.

What is a Smart Water Network?

According to SWAN Forum, a smart water network is the collection of data-driven components helping to operate the data-less physical layer of pipes, pumps, reservoirs and valves. Water utilities around Australia and New Zealand are gradually deploying more data-enabled components. Aqua Analytics helps water utilities extract the most value from these devices, by turning the discrete elements into a cohesive ‘overlay network’.

By collecting and using data from throughout water and wastewater network operations offers the promise of better operations through better knowledge and tighter control of the network’s extensive and complex assets. Data-driven technologies for water networks cover all aspects of the water cycle; from water sources and production, transmission and distribution pipeline networks and consumer end-points (smart meters).

Smart water networks are layered, as any data ecosystem is, starting with field sensors to collect real-time data, remote control, and enterprise data sources, through to communication protocols, data management and display, and up to data fusion and advanced analytics. The latter covers many categories, including decision support, remote automation to predictive analytics solutions that can rapidly advance water utilities repair and maintenance processes.

Smart water network solutions improve the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of the physical water network by better measuring, collecting, analysing, and providing actionable insight upon a wide range of network events. The availability of low-cost and easy-to-use field sensors, as well as increasing external pressures on the water industry (including climate change), means that water networks will continue to embrace digital solutions to improve their overall operations for decades to come.

What are the benefits of a Smart Water Network?

Perhaps you’re looking to make your labour force more efficient or want to provide a superior customer experience for end water users? Maybe you are looking to reduce leakage in your network, identify hydrogen sulphide build-up in your wastewater system or understand what critical trunk mains are placed under regularly stress from pressure transients?

We take these high-level strategies and develop tactics to achieve them, providing a trusted interface between your digital and physical assets ensuring project ownership through to completion. This could include:

  • Real-time customer notifications of a burst water mains (along with regular SMS and social media updates on the repair status)
  • Identification of customer-side leaks causing high water bills
  • Water quality information dashboards
  • Behavioural insights into water usage
  • Real-time acoustic leak detection from loggers
  • Fixing a damaged asset before the customer tells you
  • Identifying and mitigating sources of pressure transients (water hammer) on critical trunk water mains

How can Aqua Analytics help with our smart water goals and objectives?

Aqua Analytics are trusted for their advice and knowledge about smart water networks in Australia and New Zealand and the results they can achieve. We’re often called upon to provide our perspectives on new technologies and how they align with our clients’ digital solution roadmaps. Specifically, we are knowledgeable about all types of smart IoT devices used for water network management and acoustic leak detection.

We have strong relationships with smart water technology providers enabling us to implement smart water projects seamlessly for utility customers. Aqua Analytics can partner with you to manage all aspects of a smart water network project. This includes program development, customisation, smart water equipment procurement, data management, installation and ongoing IoT device management. An increasing component of smart networks focuses on the interoperability of different device types and integration with legacy and new software solutions.

Aqua Analytics can manage all aspects of smart water networks in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today to discuss your requirements confidentially.