Syrinix - Pressure Transient Monitoring

Pressure transient monitoring helps water utilities reduce pipeline failures and their extend asset life through the use of innovative high-speed pressure transient monitoring devices that provide instant data into a sophisticated cloud-based data management platform. The insights derived by undertaking intelligent pipeline monitoring allows water operators to make decisions about the ongoing operation and maintenance of their network and to avoid disruptive water main failures.

In tandem with sophisticated technology, Syrinix has launched an expanding service offering – ‘Syrinix Intelligence’, easing the strain on already-stretched water utility staff, and providing an additional analytical resource. Syrinix operates in two main fields: detection, tracking, and characterisation of pressure transients, including on pressurised wastewater rising mains, and the detection of leaks on large diameter trunk mains.

The hardware from Syrinix enables water authorities to make better informed, data-driven decisions concerning infrastructure and water network behaviour. The use of Syrinix pressure transient devices is proven to extend the longevity of both existing and new infrastructure, saving money, and safeguarding precious water resources.

From transient detection to network monitoring, asset management to leak correlation, risk management to network calming, Syrinix’s range of smarter monitoring solutions allows you to be more proactive and prevent potential issues. Syrinix technology gives you greater clarity, understanding, and ultimately, peace of mind.

Why are pressure transients problematic in water pipeline networks?

Commonly known as ‘water hammer’, pressure transients are short-lived pressure waves delivering fast changes in the pressure of a pipe in water networks.

Usually caused by network operations such as closing a valve or sudden pump shutdowns, pressure transients are proven to cause stress and fatigue on pipelines and assets as they propagate through the network, ultimately leading to cracks, leakage and bursts.

Data collected from pressure transient monitoring can be interpreted in order to pre-empt pipeline fatigue and used pro-actively to reduce leakage, prevent bursts, and ultimately extend asset life. When coupled with pipeline condition assessment technologies, monitoring for pressure transients is extremely beneficial and strengthens the asset management practices of a water utility.

Pressure transient monitoring leads to improved repair planning, water loss reduction, and alleviating emergency repair costs.

How does Syrinix detect pressure transients in water and wastewater pipelines?

The Syrinix PIPEMINDER-ONE hardware combines accurate pressure monitoring at 128 samples per second, with high accuracy network synced time stamping and the application of a patented ‘S3’ severity scoring system, which grades the severity of all transient activity.

What data analytics and intelligence is required for pressure transient monitoring?

All data is displayed in Syrinix’s cloud data platform RADAR and using the S3 scoring algorithm, alerts to unusual pressure events are triggered, in order that information can be tracked, reviewed, and acted on.

By capturing high-resolution, time synced data, PIPEMINDER can detect events that other systems may miss. It also stores and uploads this data for 30 days, enabling detailed analysis of past events.

Accurate time synchronisation across multiple monitors enables RADAR to automatically triangulate the source of events.

Can Syrinix help localise pipeline burst events?

Alongside alerting the occurrence of a burst event, Syrinix PIPEMINDER units working together, send data to RADAR, our cloud data platform, where an algorithm is run to state the estimated location of that event.

Identifying the source of a major pressure transient event is automated and Syrinix term this ‘Triangulation’. This functionality provides deeper insight into large failures on the network and enables increased operational efficiencies and improved reaction times, leading to minimised disruption for water consumers.

How can Aqua Analytics help with Pressure Transient Monitoring projects?

We help asset owners embark on pressure transient monitoring projects of all sizes; this can include the deployment of smart network hardware, maintenance, and ongoing monitoring and reporting of events. We are specialists in pressure transient monitoring projects in Australia and New Zealand and can undertake for short or long periods; or under lift-and-shift arrangements. Water utilities and owners of critical pipeline assets leverage our teams for intelligent remote monitoring, to avoid water main failures and monitor asset deterioration using smart pressure transient devices. Contact us today to discuss your buried infrastructure challenges and how we can assist with the mitigation of transients in your water network.